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Administrative changes coming as searches for vice chancellors begin

| 26 August 2004

As the campus initiates searches to fill two new vice-chancellorial spots, it is also undertaking transition planning that will help implement changes in the structure of some of Berkeley’s administrative operations.

The search began this week for a new Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, to be followed later in the semester by a search for a Vice Chancellor for Budget and Resource Planning. Both will be carried out by a single search committee, chaired by Acting Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance Bill Webster.

“The titles and portfolios of these two senior positions represent a change from the positions held by former Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services Horace Mitchell and former Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance James Hyatt, whose departures in July created an opportunity for us to reassess the alignment of administrative operations in those units,” said Chancellor Robert Berdahl in a memo to deans, department chairs, campus administrative officers, and staff in the affected units.

Among the changes in portfolio outlined by the chancellor, the Business and Administrative Services (BAS) control unit will be renamed Finance and Administra-tion, and financial operations now in Budget and Finance, including units reporting to the Controller, will become part of this renamed unit. The current Budget and Finance (B&F) unit will be renamed Budget and Resource Planning.

The changes align nearly all of Berkeley’s business and financial operations under Finance and Administration and put responsibility for budget, resource planning, and institutional analysis under Budget and Resource Planning.

The changes are being made in close consultation with Chancellor- designate Robert Birgeneau and follow broad discussions with senior managers on campus, in the UC system, and at other universities, Berdahl said.

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Paul Gray will oversee transition planning to implement the changes, beginning immediately and to be completed this semester. He will be assisted by Acting Vice Chancellors Steve Lustig (BAS) and Bill Webster (B&F), with support from the campus’s Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COrE).

The organizational changes will be effective upon the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.