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Awards: APHA, Faculty Research Fund, and more

02 September 2004

School of Public Health faculty to be honored by APHA

Barbara Abrams

Richard Scheffler

Mark van der Laan
Barbara Abrams, Richard Scheffler, and Mark van der Laan will each be receiving an award at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) annual meeting in November. Abrams, associate dean of student affairs and professor of epidemiology and public health and nutrition, will be awarded the March of Dimes Agnes Higgins Award for her contributions to the field of maternal-fetal nutrition. The March of Dimes and APHA jointly present the award. Scheffler, distinguished professor of health economics and public policy and director of the Nicholas C. Petris Center on Health Care Markets and Consumer Welfare and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars Program, has been selected to receive the Carl Taube award. The APHA’s Mental Health section will present the award that honors contributions to the field of mental health services research. Professor of statistics van der Laan will receive APHA’s Mortimer Spiegel-man Award, presented annually to a young (under 40) statistician for outstanding contributions to health statistics.

Four bioscientists win Faculty Research Fund awards

Four faculty members have named the year’s recipients of awards from the Faculty Research Fund for the Biological Sciences. The 2004 recipients and their projects are the following:
• Theodore Cohn, professor of bioengineering and optometry: Seed funding for extramural graduate training in bioengineering;
• Steven Ruzin, lab director, College of Natural Resources Biological Imaging Facility: “Meta” Upgrade for the Zeiss 510 Confocal Microscope in CNR’s Biological Imaging Facility;
• Jeremy Thorner, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology: Odyssey Infrared Imaging System;
• Mary Wildermuth, assistant professor of plant and microbial biology: Laser Capture Microdissection System.

This is the eighth year of the fund, established by a $5-million gift from anonymous donors. Its goal is to help maintain and enhance the quality of biological research on the campus by providing short-term support for feasibility studies and equipment needs.

Six faculty to receive American Chemical Society awards

Six faculty members will be presented with American Chemi-cal Society (ACS) Awards at that organization’s annual national meeting on March 15, 2005, in San Diego. The faculty members and the awards they will receive are these:

• Paul Alivisatos, professor of chemistry — ACS Award in Colloid and Surface Chemistry;
• Peidong Yang, assistant professor of chemistry — ACS Award in Pure Chemistry;
• Stephen Leone, professor of chemistry and director of Chemical Dynamics Beamline (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) — Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry;
• Enrique Iglesia, professor of chemical engineering — George A. Olah Award in Hydrocarbon or Petroleum Chemistry;
• Luciano Moretto, professor of chemistry and senior staff, Nuclear Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — Glenn Seaborg Award for Nuclear Chemistry;
• Jeffrey Long, assistant professor of chemistry — National Fresenius Award.

Andrew Janos

Andrew Janos, professor of political science, has received a Fulbright Senior Specialists grant in political science at the Institute for Human Sciences. The program offers two- to six-week grants to leading U.S. academics and professionals to support curricular and faculty development and institutional planning at academic institutions in 140 countries around the world.

Created to complement the traditional Fulbright Scholar Program that was started in 1946, the Senior Specialists Program aims at increasing the number of faculty and professionals who have the opportunity to go abroad on a Fulbright.

Archivists honor the Bancroft

On August 6, the Bancroft Library received the Distinguished Service Award at the Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) in Boston. This award recognizes an archival institution that has given “outstanding service to its public and has made an exemplary contribution to the archival profession.”

In accepting the award, the Bancroft’s director, Charles Faulhaber, noted, “We are extremely gratified by this award. It validates the hard work that Bancroft’s world-class staff has been engaged in, and the fact that it represents the considered judgment of our professional colleagues makes it doubly appreciated.”

In presenting the award, the SAA awards committee recognized the many contributions of the Bancroft Library to the archival profession, and its near century of service to the UC Berkeley and broader scholarly community.