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Housing Facilities staff celebrate high marks from students

02 February 2005

Ninety-five percent of the staff members in the Housing Facilities unit of Residential and Student Service Programs — 171 employees — munched on chocolate Oskies and enjoyed a recognition lunch and prizes recently as recipients of Oski Awards. Students are surveyed every two years and asked to rate the quality of service by housing-facilities staff; Oski Awards go to staff who receive a ranking above last survey’s average. Awards are also given for the best performer in each category, ranking helpfulness and performance.

Front-desk and mailroom, custodial, and maintenance staff were rated in the 2003-04 survey. When the results were tallied, all 5 administrative assistants, 125 senior custodians, 10 custodial supervisors, 21 maintenance staffers, 3 designers, and 7 managers were recognized.

The survey gave Housing Facilities an overall satisfaction rating of 84 percent — “quite an accomplishment for our staff, considering the disruptions caused by the infill housing projects at Units 1 and 2 during the time of the survey,” said Bob Jacobs, director of Housing Facilities.

The results of the latest survey were by far the best showing to date for the unit. An overwhelming percentage of students surveyed rated staff high for courtesy and helpfulness: 84 precent for the front desk and mailroom staff, 85 percent for the maintenance staff, and 92 percent for custodians. In addition, students commended the cleanliness of the residence halls’ bathrooms (90 percent) and common areas, while 77 percent praised the quality of maintenance work.

The excellent-or-good satisfaction rating has climbed steadily since the first student survey in 1989-90, when satisfaction stood at 45 percent.