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On Cal Day, enjoy these close encounters of a different kind

31 March 2005

Are we alone? Certainly not on Cal Day, when thousands of visitors to UC Berkeley will have the chance to survey every facet of campus life, and to take part in a world-premiere exhibit that promises "a hands-on exploration for habitable planets - and life itself."

If that sounds far-fetched, you've never experienced Cal Day.

Trips to "Alien Earths" will be available at the Lawrence Hall of Science throughout the day on April 16, and are just one of the many ways prospective students, parents, and others can get a glimpse of all Berkeley has to offer. If the vastness of space lacks appeal, the folks at LHS suggest you delve into the "really small" in the NanoZone, "where cutting-edge research comes alive."

Prefer to tackle something more your own size? Take a free tour of one of the university's libraries, gardens, and museums, including a visit with T. rex and Pteranodon at the Museum of Paleontology. Get the lowdown on life in the residence halls, academics, and resources from current students and alumni alike. Catch Golden Bear athletes in action, or hear presentations from experts on subjects ranging from "A Country of Immigrants - What Is an American?" (moderated by Christopher Edley, Jr., dean of Boalt Hall School of Law) to "2004 Giant Earthquake and Tsunami: Geophysical Observations and Lessons Learned" with geophysics professor (and chair of the Department of Earth & Planetary Science) Barbara Romanowicz.

For the politically minded, there's a session called "Winning Elections: Why and How the Republicans Win," with political science professor Bruce Cain; Laura Capps, communications director for Sen. Edward Kennedy; and political strategist Dan Schnur.

You can also enjoy 10-minute carillon recitals every hour on the hour, starting at noon, and a complimentary chair massage whenever you're ready. And don't forget to check out the pinhole-camera workshop, where you'll learn how to make a camera out of a can, take a photograph, and print a souvenir of Cal Day 2005.

This year's events coincide with the formal inauguration of Robert Birgeneau as Berkeley's ninth chancellor. For more information on Cal Day, visit www.berkeley.edu/calday.