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Some of the trinkets found in the workspaces of Berkeley staff and faculty (shown above) include a fan picturing Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. from Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church where the civil rights activist was co-pastor, Jellystone Park's Yogi Bear, a towel from the Philadelphia Hotel where Legionnaires Disease broke out in the mid-70s, a "Simpsons" guest superhero, and an artistic amphibian.
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Like little homes away from home
Changing spaces: Berkeley staff and faculty create rooms of their own

| 06 April 2005

If your workspace is unusually interesting or if you know of someone on campus whose office meets that description, please contact Wendy Edelstein for consideration in a sequel to this story.
Before they are inhabited, offices and cubicles are like a blank page, holding only potential. That's the view shared by the Berkeley faculty and staff featured here, who by dint of decor, collections, or righteous remodeling have imbued their spaces with a little something special enough to catch the eye of friends and passersby.