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Recollecting Freud

The final publication from the late Alan Dundes is this first English translation of Recollecting Freud, a memoir by one of the Viennese analyst's disciples. Sadger attended Freud's lectures from 1895 through 1904; his recollections provide a look at the early days of the psychoanalytic movement. The slim volume also sheds light on Freud himself - his delight in wit, his attitudes toward Judaism, and his strong views on lay, non-medical analysts. The original German version of Sadger's book was published in 1930 but was lost due to the rise of Nazism and World War II. Dundes learned of its existence and embarked on a search to find the volume. His efforts eventually led him to one of the few extant copies in the world, housed in a research library in Japan. The result of Dundes' quest is a personal account that offers insights into Freud and his social, cultural, and intellectual context.

University of Wisconsin Press, 2005; 137 pages