UC Berkeley News


Friday at noon: A pause to honor the past year's losses

28 September 2006

On Friday, Sept. 29, the Berkeley campus will gather for its fifth annual memorial service to honor those of its own who have died during the past year. Ninety members of the community - among them faculty and emeriti, students, staff, and staff retirees - will be remembered at the ceremony, which will include a reading of the names of the deceased, vocal music, poetry, and dance. It will be held from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m. at the flagpole west of California Hall; all are welcome to attend.

The following members of the campus community died since the last memorial event in September 2005.

Undergraduate students
Jason T. Brown, Letters & Science
Christine Dao, Letters & Science
Brian D. Haight, Letters & Science
Kristen Lahmeyer, Environmental Design
Jason Liao, Letters & Science
Shao Lin, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
Andrew Montanara, Letters & Science
Ajla Mujkic, Letters & Science
Daniel P. Ramirez, Letters & Science
Louie Thiele, Letters & Science
Catherine Chiwen Yang, Letters & Science
Christopher Yeh, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Graduate students
Michael L. Pendo, Public Health
Lynnea Y. Stephen, Sociology

Norman G. Beaudoin, Library
Marilyn Blake, Disbursements
John A. Cintas, Chemistry
Loring "Lamont" Hill, Physical Plant - Campus Services
George Kaplan, Information Services & Technology
Wesley G. Leeper, Physical Plant - Campus Services
David B. Marco, Institute of Transportation Studies
Betty Mew, Library
Madalene L. Rodriguez, Library
Jana E. Woodard, Undergraduate Education
Wendy Yim, Residential & Student Service Programs

Ruth F. Beames, UC Berkeley Extension
Ted Bradshaw, Institute of Urban & Regional Development
Rowland Cannon, Materials Science and Mineral Engineering
Theodore E. Cohn, Optometry, Bioengineering, Institute of Transportation Studies
Nicholas R. Cozzarelli, Molecular & Cell Biology
Esther Fulsaas, Library
Randy Hamilton, Public Policy
Jean Lanjouw, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Paul Rogers, Business

Staff retirees
Mary Abbott, Molecular & Cell Biology
Willa K. Baum, Bancroft Library
Pat Branch, Townsend Center
Jacques de Brer, Architecture
Roberta Brosi, UC Berkeley Extension
Chung P. Chin, Library
Lily Misono Culver, Subject A
Virginia P. Douglas, Institute of Business & Economic Research
Veda Gaines, UC Berkeley Extension
Gretel Gallardo, Molecular & Cell Biology
Gordon Greene, Campus Supply
Robert Kerley, Vice Chancellor for Administration
Easter McHenry, Residential & Student Service Programs
Mary Munro, Forestry
Thaddeus Nastich, Capital Projects
Jeffrey B. Owings, Richmond Field Station
Iberia Todd, Education
Irma Waldron, University Health Services
James W. Williams, Physical Plant - Campus Services

Emeriti/Academic retirees
Henrik Blum, Public Health
Quentin C. Burrows, UC Berkeley Extension
Owen Chamberlain, Physics
Alfred Childs, Public Health
David Dill Cudaback, Astronomy
Caleb Foote, Law
Alan Foss, Chemical Engineering
George Foster, Anthropology
William A. Garnett, Landscape Architecture
James R. Gray, Education
Richard L. Hay, Earth & Planetary Science
Heinz Heinemann, Chemistry
Richard H. Holton, Business
Reginald Jones, African American Studies
Irving Kaplansky, Mathematics
Eli Katz, German
Danielle Kormos, French
Nadine M. Lambert, Education
James Lapsley, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Luna B. Leopold, Earth & Planetary Science
Herbert McClosky, Political Science
Charles Bartlett "Bart" McGuire, Public Policy
Chester O'Konski, Chemistry
William J. Oswald, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Eugene Petersen, Chemical Engineering
Austin Ranney, Political Science
Lawson Rosenberg, Molecular & Cell Biology
Charles "Charlie" Shain, Library
Barbara Shearer, Music
John Swackhamer, Music
David K. Todd, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Joseph Tussman, Philosophy
Frederic E. Wakeman, History
John V. Wehausen, Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering
Doris White, Physical Education
Paul J. Zinke, Forestry & Resource Management