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2008 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award recipients

Honoring those who keep the place running
Annual day of recognition for top-flight staff was April 3

Anne Aaboe
Undergraduate-advising manager for the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology; 28-year staff veteran who brought together 19 biology-related programs in four colleges as the Consortium of Biology Major Advisers.

Marianne Bartholomew-Couts
Course-scheduling coordinator for the Department of History; produced the department’s “Instructors Manual.”

Janet Dawson
Exective assistant to the director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development; helps recruit new faculty and staffs the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies.

Michael Foley
Supervisor with the Library bindery; oversaw the consolidation of all university bindery operations into one location and won an award to provide staff with ESL assessment and computer- and business-skills training.

Keith Hori
Director of the UC Berkeley Upward Bound programs, including Math and Science, for 30 years; works with low-income, first-generation high-school students to prepare them for college.

Darin Jensen
Cartographer in the geography department; designed signs and displays for the Earth Science and Map Library and mentors school children and undergraduates.

Tom Kalil
Special assistant to the chancellor for science and technology; launched the Big Ideas @ Berkeley Initiative, which supports innovative student projects on issues such as safe drinking water and clean energy.

Harris Kornstein
Program coordinator at the Town-send Center for the Humanities; keeps all 13 grant and fellowship competitions in sync, curated a video series.

Katherine Mattson
Production manager with the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies; supervised upgrades of equipment, new technology, and performance support.

Paul Murray
Plumber for Physical Plant–Campus Services; designed and installed a de-ionized water system for the life sciences and is working on systems for the College of Chemistry and the UC Plumbing Shop.

Sharon Page-Medrich
Executive assistant to the dean of the Graduate Division and driving force behind LavenderCal’s PAIS project to improve access and inclusion for LGBTIQ faculty and staff.

Barbara Peavy
Director of student services in the mathematics department; improved the student-advising program.

Marcos Antonio Ramos
Business and reception manager for Student Life Advising Services/Educational Opportunities Program; works on ways to recruit and retain low-income, first-generation, under-represented students.

Amy Robinson
Manager of the bioengineering department; helped build the structure for Berkeley’s newest department.

Margo Rodriguez
Student-affairs officer for the Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program and administrative assistant for the Center for the Study of Law and Society at the School of Law, for 28 years.

Kaka Singh Sandhu
Campus-shuttle driver for 14 years; designs new routes, tweaks schedules, and steps up to keep the shuttle running smoothly.

Megan Voorhees
Director of Cal Corps Public Service Center; key to community-based-education efforts, including the establishment of long-term partnerships with underserved communities in Berkeley and Oakland.

Cal Veterans Student Services Network
Aaron Cohen, Rose Chan-Gee, Michael Cooper, Roseanne Fong, Teresita Gutierrez, Rebecca Lewis-Davis, Rick Low, Sharron O’Connor, Jared Smelser-Dearing, and Ron Williams

In addition to their regular jobs in various departments, team members work together to coordinate and improve university services for students who are veterans.

Gina Abrams, James Dudek, Nzingha Dugas, Steve Mendoza, Daniel Ocampo, Michael Salcido, Christine Trost, and Walter Wong

The Berkeley Initiative for Leadership on Diversity team designed the process for selecting 10 diversity-building projects in various departments.