UC Berkeley's Support
for Ethnic Studies

May 7 Agreement 

Throughout the past two weeks of controversy over Ethnic Studies, the administration, the faculty of Ethnic Studies, and the students have shared their belief in the importance of Ethnic Studies and are determined to make certain that the University of California, Berkeley has a strong Ethnic Studies program now and in the future.

As a university, Berkeley has always been committed to excellence. We undertake only those programs in which we will excel. The following agreement is based upon this longstanding commitment to excellence and to what we believe will be essential to sustain and build the quality of our Department of Ethnic Studies.


Securing a Strong Ethnic Studies Department

A. Within the framework of university processes overseen by the Department, the Dean, the Budget Committee of the Academic Senate, the Provost, and the Chancellor, the Chancellor supports eight FTE searches during the next five years. Three of the non-tenured vacancies are authorized immediately for searches. The sequencing of the other five searches, their relationship to the current programs in Ethnic Studies, and their relationship to the broadly related disciplines within the University, will be the product of a five-year plan. While respecting the principle of departmental autonomy, this plan will be developed by a committee appointed by the Chancellor in consultation with the Department and the Academic Senate. Ethnic Studies faculty shall constitute a majority of the committee. The remaining committee members shall be constituted by other Berkeley faculty, scholars from other institutions, and students. The committee will be chaired by Professor Robert Brentano. This committee should consider senior appointments at the beginning of the recruitment process. The committee may recommend additional future FTEs for the department. Before implementation, any plan must be approved by the Ethnic Studies Department. Once the plan is approved by the Ethnic Studies Department the committee shall be disbanded.

B. The University will provide, at a minimum, the annual resources necessary to sustain the curricular offerings at a level consistent with the average of the Ethnic Studies Department's offerings over the past five years.

C. The Chancellor's Office will provide seed money of $100,000 per year for five years for an institute of race and gender studies, with the target of beginning funding on July 1, 1999. To initiate the proposal for this center immediately, Professor Charles Henry of African American Studies will be asked to assemble a committee including student representatives. Special attention will be given to Native American Studies.

The Ethnic Studies Department, the University administration, and the Development Office will work together to identify and pursue extramural funds in support of this institute and to advance the goals of the Ethnic Studies Department.

D. The administration will review the equity of space allocation available to the Ethnic Studies Department.


Supporting Student Diversity

A. The Chancellor has already agreed to make an annual commitment of $90,000 for student recruitment efforts. Subject to an agreement between the student Recruitment and Retention Centers and the Ethnic Studies Department, the University may allocate up to $40,000 per year of those funds available to Ethnic Studies Department for outreach to community college students.

B. The University will identify temporary space for a multi-cultural student center with the expectation that it will be available by fall 1999. The multi-cultural center will be funded by registration fee funds equivalent to registration fees allocated to similar resource centers. Eventually the center will be permanently housed in the space being created for a new student activities center. Students will participate in the planning process.

C. Subject to the normal review of campus art, the University will approve a mural for a wall in the space occupied by Ethnic Studies in Barrows Hall. Students will have input into the selection of the artist and the content of the mural.


Agreement Regarding Student Conduct Issues

The following terms apply to Student Conduct offenses that occurred during demonstrations at Barrows Hall on April 14, Zellerbach Hall on April 30, and California Hall May 4.

Students who were cited and released no more than two times, and have no prior Student Conduct violations, will receive letters of admonishment.

The remaining students will go through the normal student conduct process. These students are entitled to full due process per the Code of Conduct.


Monitoring the Agreement

A. Professor Pedro Noguera will chair a committee made up of one faculty member from Ethnic Studies, one faculty member from African American Studies, one Ethnic Studies graduate student and one Ethnic Studies undergraduate student to review the progress of implementation of this agreement every six months and to recommend action to assure its implementation.


Robert M. Berdahl

Robert Brentano
Chair, Academic Senate
Convener and Facilitator

Ling-chi Wang
Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies

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Copyright 1999, The Regents of the University of California.