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Henry Brady
Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy and Class of 1941 Monroe Deutsch Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Electoral politics, political participation and voting, voting systems, welfare policies, public opinion, American and Canadian politics. Brady teaches undergraduate courses on political participation and party systems and graduate courses on advanced quantitative methodology.

Phone: (510) 642-5116
E-mail: hbrady@berkeley.edu

Additional contacts:
Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations: (510) 643-5651, kmaclay@berkeley.edu
Roxanne Makasdjian, broadcast: (510) 642-6051, roxannem@berkeley.edu

Brady has worked in Washington D.C., at the Office of Management and Budget (1972-73) and the National Science Foundation (1970). He has published scores of articles and half a dozen monographs and books on political science. He has been principal investigator for numerous projects including "The Survey of Governmental Objectives and Political Participation," funded by the Pew Foundation (2001-2002): "California Census Research Data Center," funded by the National Science Foundation (1998-2004): "The Dynamics of Welfare in Agricultural, Rural, and Urban Counties," funded by the California Policy Research Center (1999-2000): "The Multiple Investigator Common Vehicle Study of Attitude Change, Political Persuasion, and the Dynamics of Political Reasoning,'' funded by the National Science Foundation (1993-1995, 1996-1998): "Work Pays Demonstration Project," funded by the Department of Social Services, State of California (1992-1998): "A Study of the 1992 Canadian Referendum and the 1993 Canadian Election, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (1992-1995): "Political Participation in Estonia and the Russian Federation," funded by the National Science Foundation (1992-1996): and "Citizen Participation Study," funded by the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Spencer Foundation and National Science Foundation (1988-1991).

In 2003, Brady was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is treasurer of the American Political Science Association, vice president of the Midwest Political Science Association, and council member for the Association for Public Policy and Management. He is the past president of the Political Methodology Group of the American Political Science Association, and director of the University of California Data Archive and Technical Assistance Program, which provides academic researchers, state agencies, and others with technical assistance on computerized data including the census and sample surveys.

Brady has also been involved in a deliberative opinion poll assessing Americans' points of view on U.S. foreign policy decisions. Brady and Jim Fishkin, the political scientist who developed the deliberative opinion poll process, worked with MacNeil/Lehrer Productions to arrange a three-day event in January 2003, before the Iraq War was declared. The event was capped by a two-hour live television broadcast hosted by Jim Lehrer.

Brady is comfortable with the media, has been interviewed extensively by state and local media (especially about the recent California recall election and the dangers of punch-card balloting) and can address a wide variety of topics relating to political science.

Henry Brady

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