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Bruce Cain
Heller Professor of Political Science and public policy, director of the University of California Washington Center, based in the nation's capital.

State and local politics, California politics, legislatures, national politics.

Office phone: (202) 974-6202
E-mail: bruce@cain.berkeley.edu

Additional contacts:
Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations: (510) 643-5651, kmaclay@berkeley.edu
Roxanne Makasdjian, broadcast: (510) 642-6051, roxannem@berkeley.edu

Cain is very at ease and popular with the media, both print and broadcast, including state and national. Has commented on elections, the recall, presidential politics, census data, economic stimulus plans, He was a national consultant to the Los Angeles Times from 1986-89 and has been a political commentator for numerous radio and television stations in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Cain has been on Newshour and National Public Radio.

He has served as a polling consultant for state and senate races and as a redistricting consultant.

In fall 2003, the College of Letters and Science gave Cain an award for distinguished research mentoring. One student wrote that the attention Cain gives to his undergraduate researchers is "above and beyond that which could be expected of even real parents, even real uncles, elementary school teachers, coaches, trainers, managers, bosses, "let alone a think-tank director who has "reporters chasing after him like paparazzi."

His writings include "The Reapportionment Puzzle" (1984); "The Personal Vote" (1987), written with John Forejohn and Morris Fiorina; and "Congressional Redistricting" (1991), with David Butler.

Cain has also co-edited numerous books, including "Developments in American Politics, Volume I - IV," with Gillian Peele; "Constitutional Reform in California," with Roger Noll; "Racial and Ethnic Politics in California, Vol. II," with Michael Preston and Sandra Bass; and "Voting at the Political Fault Line: California's Experiment with the Blanket Primary," with Elisabeth R. Gerber (2002).

Cain received the Zale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Policy Research and Public Service in March 2000, and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in April 2000.

Bruce Cain

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