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Bruce Fuller
Professor of education and public policy, director of the Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), an independent policy research center based at UC Berkeley and Stanford University

State and federal K-12 education policy, programs and legislation such as the No Child Left Behind Act, preschool and school readiness, charter schools, academic testing, child care and welfare reform.

Office phone: (510) 643-5362
Cell: (415) 595-4320
E-mail: b_fuller@berkeley.edu

Additional contacts:
Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations: (510) 643-5651
Roxanne Makasdjian, broadcast: (510) 642-6051, roxannem@berkeley.edu

Fuller has worked as an education specialist for the California Legislature and as education adviser to a California governor. He also was a sociologist at the World Bank. He is author of "Inside Charter Schools: The Paradox of Radical Decentralization" (2000) and "Government Confronts Culture."

Over 25 years — inside policy organizations and the university — Fuller has explored how public initiatives attempt to advance children's learning and development. Much of his work examines the origins and practical features of educational and family policies. Fuller's empirical work also focuses on local organizations in terms of how schools, child care organizations, and families respond to recurring waves of policy reform aimed at changing the behavior of residents found inside.

One major effort, the "Growing Up in Poverty" project, is a seven-year project to learn how the devolution of welfare is shaping young children's lives, especially via preschool and child care organizations where these youngsters are increasingly being raised.

He is a frequently-sought expert on education for radio, TV and print media including National Public Radio, KPCC, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Channel One, La Opinion, and more. He is a comfortable and confident interview and eager to get his views out.

Bruce Fuller

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