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Franklin Zimring
Law professor, directs the criminal justice research program at Boalt Hall’s Earl Warren Legal Institute.

Criminal law, youth violence, juvenile justice, death penalty, Three Strikes legislation, prison policy.

Contact: (510) 642-0854
E-mail: zimring@law.berkeley.edu

Additional contacts:
Susan Gluss, law school media relations: (510) 642-6936, sgluss@law.berkeley.edu
Roxanne Makasdjian, broadcast: (510) 642-6051, roxannem@berkeley.edu

Zimring is the author of several books on topics including the changing legal world of adolescence, capital punishment and drug control. His most recent books are "American Youth Violence" (1998), "The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment," (2003) and "An American Travesty: Legal Responses to Adolescent Sexual Offending" (2004).

Since 1998, Zimring has been an expert panel member for the U.S. Department of Education Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools and an advisory member for the National Research Council Panel on Juvenile Crime: Prevention, Intervention and Control. He authored a 1999 study on Three Strikes legislation that said repeat felons continue to be arrested for new felonies today in roughly the same proportion that they were arrested before the 1994 law went into effect.

Extremely at ease and effective with the media, Zimring has done all manner of interviews with local, state and national reporters, both print and broadcast. He’s provided comment on the Knoller dog mauling case, the Cary Stayner Yosemite murders, various death penalty cases, Three Strikes legislation, and programs to curb homicide rates in Oakland. He has been on "60 Minutes" and other television news programs.

Franklin Zimring

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    • His mother practiced law and his father was a writer for the "Perry Mason" TV show. Zimring told the Berkeleyan newspaper "I essentially went into the family business."