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Oliver Williamson portrait
posted 10.12.2009
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print-quality image: 300dpi, 1.6Mb JPG

UC Berkeley's Oliver Williamson awarded 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

CAPTION: Oliver Williamson, a UC Berkeley professor emeritus of business, economics and law, and an expert in anti-trust, deregulation and transaction cost economics, is awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Credit: Jim Block

liver Williamson on phone
posted 10.12.2009
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print-quality image: 300dpi, 4.3Mb JPG

CAPTION: Oliver Williamson accepts the congratulations of colleague in a morning phone call.

Credit: Steve McConnell/UC Berkeley

Williamson in kitchen
posted 10.12.2009
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CAPTION: In the early morning hours Monday, Oliver Williamson explains his economic theories in the kitchen of his Berkeley home.

Credit: Steve McConnell/UC Berkeley

Oliver Williamson
posted 10.12.2009
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print-quality image: 300dpi, 2.7Mb JPG

CAPTION: Oliver Williamson, 2009 Nobel laureate in economic sciences

Credit: Steve McConnell/UC Berkeley

George F. Smoot
posted 10.12.2009
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print-quality image: 180dpi, 3.6Mb JPG

CAPTION: Oliver Williamson (2006 photo)

Credit: UC Berkeley


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