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A list of UC Berkeley Census Experts
14 March 2001

Patricia McBroom, Media Relations

Census 2000 is due to release California redistricting statistics before April 1, raising questions on issues ranging from the size of the state's minority and multiracial population to the flow of federal money into California. There is a new category for Pacific Islanders, while the demography of aging- and its impact on Social Security- continues to generate news.

We have prepared a list of University of California, Berkeley, experts from law, political science, demography, ethnic studies and statistics who can comment on these issues in the context of the new census figures.


Bruce Cain

Professor of political science; director of the Institute of Governmental Studies
Office phone: (510) 642-1739
Areas of Expertise:
Redistricting; California politics.

Elizabeth Deakin

Professor of City and Regional Planning; director of the UC Transportation Center
Office phone: (510) 642-4749
Areas of Expertise:
Transportation and the census; Caltrans study

John Landis

Professor of City and Regional Planning
Office phone: (510) 642-5918
Areas of Expertise:
Metropolitan development; local changes in urban-suburban population distribution

Ronald D. Lee

Professor of demography and economics
Director of the Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging
Office phone: (510) 642-4535
Areas of Expertise:
Aging, life expectancy; population forecasts and long-term projections; impact of demographic trends on Social Security.

Karin Mac Donald

Director of the Statewide Database (redistricting data for California)
Institute of Governmental Studies
Office phone: (510) 642-9086
Areas of Expertise:
Census data and redistricting.

Rachel Moran

Professor of law; holds the Robert D. and Leslie-Kay Raven Chair at Boalt Hall
Office phone: (510) 643-6351
Areas of Expertise:
Construction of racial categories; multiracial identity; interracial marriage; transracial adoption, affirmative action.

Michael Omi

Associate professor of ethnic studies
Acting director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change
Office phones: (510) 643-8744; (510) 642-0813
Areas of Expertise:
Ethnic diversification of California; census and the multiracial population; the undercount; impact of the census on federal money in the state; construction of racial categories.

John Radke

Professor of Environmental Planning; director of UC Berkeley's Geographic Information Science Center
Office phone: (510) 643-5995
Areas of Expertise:
geo-referencing of census data; density of cities; rates of population change at the neighborhood level

Philip Stark

Professor of statistics
Office phone: (510) 6421430
Areas of Expertise:
Adjustments to the census; overcount and errors in the census; inferences from large data sets.

Kenneth Wachter

Chair and professor of the Department of Demography; professor of statistics
Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on the census
Office phone: (510) 642-1578
Areas of Expertise:
Census adjustments and processes; overcounts and undercounts; the census technique of Demographic Analysis; historical demography and statistics.