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Memo To Technology Editors, Writers, Producers
03 October 2001

By Teresa Moore, Engineering Public Affairs Office

The College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, is launching a monthly online research digest, Lab Notes, to illuminate groundbreaking research underway today at the college that will dramatically change our lives tomorrow.

"Lab Notes provides accessible explanations for many of the college's hottest research projects, plus insight into their possible effects on our world. Our goal is for Lab Notes to become a must-read for industry, media, students or anyone with a desire to keep pace with leading-edge research in engineering," said Dean Richard Newton of the College of Engineering.

The first two issues include articles on a range of subjects, among them: how UC Berkeley engineers are tackling the energy crisis with tiny "smart dust" sensors that give buildings brains; the science behind nanoscale coatings for bone prosthetics that send out a biological call for the human body to heal itself; and a software system that analyzes freeway sensor data to provide the California Department of Transportation and commuters with new tools to combat congestion. Much of this research is part of CITRIS, the new Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society.

Additionally each month, Lab Notes will spotlight one great moment of innovation from the annals of engineering history at UC Berkeley.

The articles are researched and written by David Pescovitz, the college's first writer-in-residence. Pescovitz has had a long career writing about science, technology and society for publications including Wired, Scientific American, The New York Times, Discovery Channel Online and New Scientist.

Lab Notes is online at

To subscribe to the Lab Notes e-mail digest - a summary of the articles plus a message from the dean - please contact the Engineering Public Affairs Office at