Human origins: Homo erectus

Discovery, excavation and cleaning of fossil Homo erectus skull from the million-year-old Daka sediments near Bouri in Ethiopia's Afar Regional State. Note: no audio with these clips.

Panoramic view of the Middle Awash study area in Ethiopia's Afar rift valley.


  Discovery of the Homo erectus cranium by UC Berkeley graduate student Henry Gilbert in 1997.

  Excavation of the skull by Tim White, UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology.

  Tim White reinforcing the skull prior to removal.

  Lifting of the reinforced skull by Tim White.

  Cleaning of the Homo erectus skull by Henry Gilbert.

  Tim White lifts the Homo erectus cranium from the rock encrusting the fossil while Berhane Asfaw looks on.

  Black and white photo of the Homo erectus calvaria, the name for a skull missing the lower face and teeth. Copyright David L. Brill 2001.

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