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The Play

The Play

The Play

The Play

The Play


Saturday, November 23, 2002 Big Game,
the 20th Anniversary of "The Play"

Dear members and friends of the Berkeley and Stanford communities:

On November 23, 2002, Cal and Stanford will square off in the 105th annual Big Game at Memorial Stadium, an event that has been a Bay Area tradition. Our two universities share a strong football and academic heritage, as well as a spirited and storied rivalry.

It is important that the traditional goal of the Big Game be reinforced this year: a spirited competition on the field and an enjoyable experience for those in the stands. Unfortunately, in past years, the spirit of the Big Game has been dampened by the irresponsible behavior of some that resulted in fracas and property damage.

We again ask this year that you refrain from engaging in "pranks" and other activities that may draw law enforcement and security personnel and resources away from responding to more pressing matters.

We feel that those attending the Big Game should not have to fear for their safety; therefore, we must emphasize that fans who engage in incidents of field trespass, physical assault and/or property damage will be ejected from the stadium. Students found responsible for these types of activities will face disciplinary action at their respective institutions; such action may include suspension or dismissal.

Please respect more than a century of Big Game tradition and celebrate your school spirit, pride and sportsmanship in a safe, positive and friendly manner. Enjoy the game!


Robert Berdahl
University of California, Berkeley

  John L. Hennessy
Stanford University


The Play
November 20, 1982: After racing through a sea of red (the Stanford band), Kevin Moen carries the ball into the end zone, making it Cal 25, Stanford 20.


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