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Memo to Reporters: UC Berkeley unveils two new online news sources

– There are two new ways you can keep abreast of what's happening at UC Berkeley - a news portal you'll want to bookmark and access every day, and a place to turn in case of an emergency affecting the campus.

This week, UC Berkeley Public Affairs has launched a daily online NewsCenter - at http://newscenter.berkeley.edu - that features research news, campus developments, student newsmakers, the latest sports headlines, a Critic's Choice of campus events for the week ahead, multimedia features and more. It will be updated each day.

Pay particular attention to a section called "For Journalists," which contains information including:

  • How to sign up for news releases
  • Archives of press releases from UC Berkeley Media Relations
  • Image downloads
  • Lists of faculty experts
  • Contact information for Media Relations

You also can sign up online to receive via e-mail the latest NewsCenter stories about a subject of particular interest to you. Choose from 15 subject areas including science, health, business and economics, and students. See http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/nc_subscribe.html for more details.

In the event of a disaster or emergency affecting UC Berkeley and/or its students, faculty and staff, reporters (and the public) can get authoritative, constantly-updated information about the situation on campus through a new emergency 800 number and Web site. Both are hosted off campus so that they will operate even if phones, Internet connections and electricity in Berkeley go down. Both will provide disaster details, evacuation routes, aid locations and other special instructions.

The new emergency 800 number for the campus is 1-800-705-9998.

The special Web site is http://emergency.berkeley.edu. If the campus network is up and running, the information also will be available at http://www.berkeley.edu.

(More information on these new services, a joint effort of the campus Emergency Preparedness office, Public Affairs, Information Systems & Technology, and KALX, the campus radio station, is online.).