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Switch problem disrupts campus voice mail

- This morning the campus is experiencing a system-wide problem with the interface between the SBC (Pacific Bell) switch and the campus voice mail system. The equipment at SBC that identifies the number being called and directs the call to the proper voice mailbox is not working; instead, callers reach a non-standard voice mail system message. SBC and CNS staff are currently working to replace the malfunctioning equipment, and it is expected the system will be repaired by early afternoon.

Until repairs are complete, there are "workarounds" that users can use both to leave messages and to retrieve messages from their own mailboxes. They are:

To leave a message:
When you hear the non-standard voice mail prompt, dial the campus extension you are calling (again) and you will reach the mailbox, where a message can be left.

To retrieve messages from your voice mail box:
Dial the campus voice mail access number as usual. When you hear the system message ("to leave a message..."), dial your own 5-digit campus number, and press #. You will hear your outgoing voicemail message; immediately press the star (*) button. You will then be asked for your password, and can listen to stored messages.

Please note: the system problem has affected message waiting indicators, which are not working — you may want to check periodically to see if you have messages.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this problem.