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Campus bids adieu to UCLink as new e-mail system takes over

– The UCLink era ended with barely a whimper over the weekend as Information Systems & Technology switched users over to CalMail, the campus's new e-mail system.

Some UCLink users got a head start on the switchover last week; IS&T's Ann Dobson, CalMail project lead, estimated that a couple thousand customers took advantage of a voluntary self-migration period to convert their accounts.

The remainder of UCLink's 40,000 accounts were candidates for what Dobson called a "forklift migration," which began at 8 a.m. Saturday when the entire UCLink/CalMail system was taken offline. By 4 p.m. that day, when e-mail service was restored, approximately 15,000 accounts had been converted, starting with those users who had the fullest mailboxes. The UCLink webpage and BearMail web interface also were redirected to the CalMail system.

The conversion continued over the weekend and into this week. The remaining accounts will be migrated to CalMail automatically as soon as their users log in to check their e-mail. Dobson said these users may notice a slight delay the first time they access their e-mail, as the account is moved from one system to the other, but in general should not encounter other difficulties.

The main problems encountered in the conversion have been with users of the Eudora e-mail client on the Windows platform, who may be unable to access the new system. These users need to make configuration changes to their software; detailed instructions are on the CalMail website.

E-mail users with questions or problems in converting their accounts should check first for answers on the CalMail website. If that doesn't help, they should e-mail consult@berkeley.edu or call the CalMail help desk at 642-7776.