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Holiday Bowl 2004
Battle of the Bands

The Cal Marching Band sounds off at the Battle of the Bands, a Holiday Bowl warmup event pitting Cal's finest against the Texas Tech marching band in a musical matchup. (Steve McConnell photos) Cal Band massed for battle

Cal cheerleaders Cal's cheerleaders poured it on as well, with music and dancing so strong it shook the floor of the massive San Diego Convention Center.

Sax players in the Cal band Waving the rally flag
With every section of the band giving their all, the Cal Rally Committee got the crowd going as well with a flag-waving, yell-leading "Go Bears!" performance.

Cal fans young and old filled the hall with a rousing "Sons of California" and other salutes to the Golden Bears. Kids and parents in the audience

Earplugs for the cymbal players
The gridiron's not the only dangerous place in a bowl game battle; band members face hazards, too (note protective earplugs).
Oski and Texas Tech mascot meet
Oski offers a handshake to Raider Red, the Texas Tech mascot.

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