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UC Berkeley Press Release

MEMO: UC Day in Sacramento

– University of California, Berkeley, alumni and students will join their counterparts from other UC campuses tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 15) in Sacramento for UC Day. At the annual event, representatives from the UC's campuses meet privately with legislators to discuss the university's role in the state, and its budget and legislative priorities for the coming year.

Students and alumni from UC Berkeley will specifically ask legislators to restore a $17.5 million cut to academic preparation programs, said Michelle Moskowitz, associate director of Government Affairs at UC Berkeley. The program helps academically prepare pre-college disadvantaged students from kindergarten to community college to get into the UC system through counseling and providing materials that explain admission requirements.

UC President Robert Dynes and new UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will be among the approximately 300 people making the trip.

In January, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger released his 2005-2006 state budget proposal, with offers a $97.5 million (3.6 percent) increase in state general funds for the UC system, consistent with the UC "compact" with the governor. The governor's budget is now before the legislature, and a final budget is usually approved by the end of summer.

In the last four years, UC has been hit with a 15 percent cut in state funding, while shouldering a 19 percent increase in enrollment.

More information about the day's plans can be found at www.ucday.org.