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Dorothy Tang (left) and her brother Christopher UC Berkeley freshman Dorothy Tang and her brother Christopher skip ahead of their parents. Dorothy intends to major in applied math; Christopher is a student at UCLA. (Peg Skorpinski photos)

The Class of 2009 moves in

Dude, where's the elevator?
By Bonnie Azab Powell, NewsCenter | 23 August 2005

– They came from as far away as Taiwan and as close as El Cerrito, Calif., just a couple of BART stops north, bearing boxes and suitcases and brave smiles. Dads struggled with 27-inch televisions; mothers shlepped microwaves up the stairs. Little sisters tacked up posters while big brothers set up PlayStations.

All across the UC Berkeley campus this weekend, the scene was one of controlled chaos as the 4,000 or so incoming Cal freshmen (and more than 2,000 new transfer students) set up their homes away from home for the next year. Everyone had brought at least a few personal touches, from a SpongeBob SquarePants alarm clock (which reminded one student of his mother) to a Grateful Dead album, one of many from a father's collection.

 The Things They Carried:
Watch this Flash slide show for a peek at the possessions that 10 members of the Class of 2009 couldn't imagine living without.

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