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Artist's sketch of new Underhill parking and recreation structure The new Underhill parking structure will provide 1,000 parking spaces, topped by a street-level recreation field. (Artist's rendering courtesy Facilities Services)

Work on new parking structure & rec field will close Underhill lot this month

– Construction of a replacement parking structure and recreation field at Underhill, the large parking area between Units 1 and 2 south of campus, is scheduled to begin at the end of August. The Underhill parking lot will be closed starting August 29 for the duration of construction, scheduled to continue through Spring 2007. For information about alternate parking for campus permit holders, please see the Parking & Transportation website.

The new parking structure, with a street-level recreation field, will provide 1,000 parking spaces on four levels for the campus community, and open space for recreation adjacent to student residences. A landscaped plaza with seating will provide an entrance to the field from College Avenue. This structure is part of the long-term planning for campus parking initiated several years ago, and is funded from parking permit fees.

Construction will begin with demolition of the existing 223-space parking lot and excavation for the new structure. That work will be followed by the erection of beams and columns and then extensive concrete pours to form the walls and floors. Construction activities will continue through Spring 2007, although parking is scheduled to be available in January 2007.

Hours of construction are 8 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays, although on most days work will finish at 5 p.m. Any necessary weekend work would take place starting at 9 a.m. The projects will adhere to regulations concerning safety, dust, dirt, exhaust fumes and storm-water runoff.

Circulation Impacts
  • Project work will impact pedestrian pathways in the area. The sidewalks adjacent to the Underhill site (the north side of Haste Street, the south side of Channing Way and the west side of College Avenue) are scheduled to be closed in late 2005. Existing disabled paths of travel will not be affected.
  • The bike lane on Channing Way will be maintained.
  • Vehicle access in the area should not be affected. There may be short periods of interruption due to special deliveries or unusual construction activity.

Alternate parking and transit options

  • Parking & Transportation will attempt to mitigate the impact of lost parking spaces at Underhill during the construction, but permit holders are encouraged to use their Class Passes, Bear Passes, BART and alternate transportation options.
  • Substantial student parking is available on Level 4 of the Lower Hearst Parking Structure on Hearst Ave. near Scenic Ave, with nearby access to the campus shuttle.
  • 120 spaces will be available at the Hill Terraces above the Lawrence Hall of Science, which is served by campus shuttle buses daily through 7pm.
  • Additional spaces are available during the semester at the Foothill parking lot on Hearst Ave. east of Gayley Road
  • Later in the fall, additional spaces will be available at the former Public Health Building on Berkeley Way just west of Oxford Street.

Please check the Parking & Transportation website for specific information on these and other parking options.

Please do not park in the neighborhoods. The areas around the campus are designated for residential permit parking.

Questions or concerns about the construction project should be directed to Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Facilities Services, at 643-4793 or cshaff@berkeley.edu. Other campus resources include the UC Office of Environment Health and Safety at 642-3073. Questions about parking should be directed the Parking & Transportation Call Center, 643-7701.

More information on the Underhill parking facility is available from Parking & Transportation.