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Voice mail changes coming

– Berkeley staff and faculty can dial into new messaging services this fall as the campus rolls out its Unified Communications initiative. At some point before the end of 2005 (final dates are still being set), subscribers will be able to access a host of new services, including:

  • Listen to voice mail on nearly any computer via CalMail
  • Hear e-mail read via the phone
  • Receive faxes via e-mail
  • Have calls to a single phone number follow you anywhere

Before any of that can happen, the 10,000 staff and faculty voice mail subscribers will need to establish a new password and create a greeting on the new system in order to continue to retrieve voice mail; Communication & Network Services will notify all users when the new system is in place. No new hardware or software will be needed, and the menu prompt tree is being customized to be as similar to the existing system as possible. Subscribers who opt to stick with their current level of voice mail service will experience only minor changes. Message retention times and some message quotas will be increased, but prices will stay the same.

More details on pricing and capabilities of the new system are available at unibears.berkeley.edu.