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UC Berkeley Press Release

UC Berkeley experts available to comment on special election

– The University of California, Berkeley, experts listed below are available to discuss the Nov. 8, California special election. For assistance finding additional campus experts who may be available to comment on specific propositions on the ballot, contact the campus's Media Relations office at (510) 642-3734.

Henry Brady
Professor of political science and public policy; director of UC Berkeley's Survey Research Center, UC DATA, and California Census Research Data Center
Office phone: (510) 642-3008 or (510) 642-2338
E-mail: hbrady@csm.berkeley.edu

Expertise: Electoral politics, political participation and voting, voting systems, welfare policies, public opinion, American politics in general.

Bruce Cain
Professor of political science, director of UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies, director of the University of California Washington Center in DC
Office phone (DC): (202) 974-6202
Office phone (UC Berkeley): (510) 642-1739*
* Bruce Cain will be in Berkeley today (Monday, Nov. 7) through this Thursday afternoon.
E-mail: bruce@cain.berkeley.edu

Expertise: The election and Gov. Schwarzenegger, redistricting and Prop. 77, state and local politics in general.

Susan Rasky
Lecturer at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism
Office phone: (510) 642-9054
E-mail: rasky@berkeley.edu

Expertise: California politics in general. Rasky supervises the journalism school's California News Service, a permanent news service that gives students experience covering state government and politics while offering coverage to news organizations throughout California. She previously served as chief congressional correspondent in the Washington, D.C. bureau of the New York Times.