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UC Berkeley Press Release

UC Berkeley releases final fall 2005 enrollment data

NOTE: Fall 2005 data has been corrected; both the corrected data and the previous, incorrect data are available online. Please see Dec. 19, 2006, press release for more information.

– Final enrollment figures for the fall 2005 semester show that approximately 23,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 graduate students are enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, up slightly from a year ago at this time.

The data released today (Wednesday, Dec. 14) by campus officials show that, compared to fall 2004, enrollment increased at least slightly for transfer, freshmen, graduate and returning undergraduate students. Total enrollment for fall 2005 is 33,483, up from 32,814 in fall 2004. UC Berkeley was able to admit and enroll more students because state budget cuts imposed in 2004-05 were partially restored for the 2005-06 school year.

Women continue to make up the majority of undergraduate students, about 54 percent; and men still comprise the majority of graduate students, 54 percent. Underrepresented minority students represent 14 percent of the fall freshman class, up from 13 percent in fall 2004; they represent 15 percent of the total population of undergraduate students, the same percentage as last year; and they represent 12 percent of the graduate student population, the same as fall 2004.

In addition, Asian American students now represent approximately 48 percent of the fall freshman class - up from 45 percent in fall 2004. Campus officials attribute the relatively high proportion of Asian American students to the high UC eligibility rates among Asian American applicants. Thirty-one percent of Asian American students are UC eligible as compared to 16 percent of white students. Also, a higher proportion of Asian American students accept UC Berkeley's offer of admission than do any other group - 49 percent as compared to the overall rate of 43 percent.

For more detailed data, see the fall 2005 enrollment charts posted online (data corrected 12/19/2006).