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Heroes among the UC Berkeley faculty

Below is a complete list of all faculty members who received letters from the Chancellor after students cited them for everyday heroism. (Staff and GSI heroes have already been featured in the Berkeleyan.)

Want to know more about how these people went "above and beyond" the call of duty? Check the Daily Hero section of the NewsCenter home page, which continues to feature a different hero every weekday, along with an excerpt from students' responses.

Corrections to this list should be e-mailed to newscenter@berkeley.edu.

Sharon Amacher, Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology
Anthony Barnosky, Professor, Integrative Biology
Hatem Bazian, Lecturer, Near Eastern Studies
Robert Bea, Professor, Civil Engineering/CEE
Robert Beatty, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology
Stephanie Bobo, Lecturer, College Writing
Stephen Booth, Professor, English
Anthony Bulloch, Professor, Classics
Joseph Campos, Professor, Psychology
Claudia Carr, Professor, ESPM-RIP&M
George Chang, Professor, Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
Ignacio Chapela, Associate Professor, ESPM-Div of ES
Greig Crysler, Associate Professor, Architecture
William Di Napoli, Senior Lecturer, Architecture
Marian Diamond, Professor, Integrative Biology
Christine Diehl, SESAME Lecturer, Graduate School of Education
Loni Ding, Lecturer, Ethnic Studies
Frederick Dolan, Professor, Rhetoric
Lura Dolas, Lecturer, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Alan Dundes, Professor, Anthropology
David Elliott, Lecturer, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Steve Etter, Lecturer, Haas School of Business
Lewis Feldman, Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Alexei Filippenko, Professor., Astronomy
Louise Fortmann, Professor, ESPM-RIP&M
Matt Francis, Professor, Chemistry
Gordon Frankie, Professor, ESPM-Insect Biology
Jean Frechet, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Jacqueline Fulmer, Lecturer, Celtic Studies
Daniel Garcia, Lecturer, Computer Sciences
Kevis Goodman, Associate Professor, English
John Gray, Professor, Mass Communications
Crawford Greenewalt, Professor, Classics
James Gregor, Professor, Political Science
Bernard Griego, Lecturer, School of Public Health
Felipe Gutterriez, Lecturer, Rhetoric
Ole Hald, Professor, Mathematics
Ron Hassner, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Robert Holub, Dean of Undergraduate Division, College of Letters & Science
Renate Holub, Professor & Director, Interdisciplinary Studies
Lynn Huntsinger, Associate Professor, ESPM-Div of ES
Avaren Ipsen, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies
Bob Jacobsen, Professor, Physics
Ahamindra Jain, Lecturer, Chemistry
Rosemary Joyce, Professor, Anthropology
Caroline Kane, Professor in Residence, Molecular & Cell Biology
Tabitha Kanogo, Professor, History
Mary Kelsey, Lecturer, Sociology
Kathryn Klar, Lecturer, Celtic Studies
Earl Klee, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies
Christopher Knaus, Lecturer, African American Studies
Robert Knight, Director, Psychology
Yury Kolomensky, Professor, Physics
Mark Kubinec, Lecturer, Chemistry
Ellen Langer, Lecturer, Slavic Languages
Laura Levin, Assistant Professor, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Helen Lew, Lecturer, Molecular & Cell Biology
Linda Lewin, Professor, History
Leon Litwack, Professor, History
Mary Mead, Lecturer, Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
Jennifer Miller, Assoc. Prof, English
Maureen Miller, Associate Professor, History
Stephen Miller, Professor Emeritus, Classical Archaeology
Paulo Monteiro, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kathleen Moran, Lecturer, Associate Director, American Studies
Richard Muller, Professor, Physics
Aparajita Nanda, Professor, English
Alan Nelson, Professor, English
Michael Nylan, Professor, History
Martha Olney, Adjunct Professor, Economics
Claudia Ostertag, Assoc. Prof, Civil Engineering/CEE
Andrew Packard, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Steven Pedersen, Lecturer, Chemistry
Jeffrey Perloff, Professor & Department Chair, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Jaleh Pirnazar, Lecturer, Near Eastern Studies
Augustin Lucho Pozo, Lecturer, Art Practice
David Presti, Senior Lecturer, Molecular & Cell Biology
Julio Ramos, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Vince Resh, Professor, ESPM-Insect Biology
Jean Retzinger, Lecturer, Mass Communications
Ken Ribet, Professor, Mathematics
Victoria Robinson, Lecturer, American Cultures
Sheldon Rothblatt, Professor, History
Ananya Roy, Associate Dean, IAS, and Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning
Jerry Sanders, Lecturer, International & Area Studies Teaching Program
Alex Saragoza, Professor, Ethnic Studies
Louis Segal, Lecturer, International Area Studies
Junichi Semitsu, Visiting Lecturer, African American Studies
Katherine Sherwood, Professor, Art Practice
Arthur Shimamura, Professor, Psychology
John Shoptaw, Professor, English
Ellen Simms, Professor, Integrative Biology
Mark Stacey, Professor, Civil Engineering/CEE
Charles Stone, Professor emeritus, Statistics
Chip Sullivan, Professor, Landscape Architecture
Jere Takahashi, Academic Coordinator II and Lecturer, Asian American Studies
Sarah Tasker, Asst. Adjunct Prof., Haas School of Business
Charis Thompson, Associate Professor, Gender & Women's Studies, Rhetoric
Paola Timiras, Professor Emerita, Molecular & Cell Biology
Benson Tongue, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Vulpe, MD, Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
Lisa Walker, Coordinator, Multicultural Student Development
Anne Walsh, Assistant Professor, Art Practice
M.J. Warsi, Lecturer, South & Southeast Asian Studies
Edward Wei, Professor, Public Health
Jeffery Winer, Professor, MCB
Manfred Wolf, Visiting Professor, Dutch Studies
Bin Yu, Professor, Statistics
Darren Zook, Lecturer, Political Science
John Zysman, Professor, Political Science