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Maria Shriver to join CNN's Fit Nation town hall meeting


Maria Shriver to join CNN at UC Berkeley for April 13 fitness forum

California First Lady Maria Shriver will be a guest of CNN health reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Thursday, April 13, as Gupta brings his "Fit Nation" tour to the University of California, Berkeley, for a 4 p.m. town hall meeting with students.

Gupta is using his seven-week tour of seven college campuses - UC Berkeley is his sixth stop - to focus attention on the nation's obesity epidemic and to search for solutions.

Shriver and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger continue to lead statewide and national efforts to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic facing California, lead the fight to pass landmark healthy living legislation and have taken action to bring together leaders in the business, education, government and public health communities to develop strategies to combat this epidemic.

Other guests at the event will be Marion Nestle, nationally-known nutrition specialist and visiting professor of public health, public policy and journalism at UC Berkeley, and Joanne Ikeda, an expert on nutrition and weight and UC Berkeley professor of nutritional sciences and toxicology.

UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will introduce the CNN host and his guests. Some 300 students will be in the audience.

After discussion of the issues, the students will break into groups, facilitated by campus health experts, to come up with strategies for improving the health and fitness of themselves and their peers.

Credentialed reporters are invited to attend the town hall meeting, which is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Haas Field House, the large gymnasium on the ground floor of the Recreational Sports Facility, 2301 Bancroft Way, UC Berkeley.