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Open letter to UCLA and Cal football fans

Dear members and friends of the UCLA and UC Berkeley communities:

On November 4, UC Berkeley and UCLA will square off in their annual football game-a Pac-10 tradition. This year's game will be played at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley.

Our two universities share a strong football and academic heritage, as well as a spirited and storied rivalry. It is important that we reinforce the traditional goals of this annual event: a lively competition on the field and an enjoyable experience in the stands.

Unfortunately, in past years, the spirit of this and other highly-anticipated games has been dampened by the behavior of a few people who engage in fighting and mean-spirited "pranks" or damage property. Those who do so can be ejected from the stadium or arrested.

Please do not engage in activities that may draw law enforcement and security personnel and resources away from more pressing matters, and please discourage such behavior among others.

Let's do all we can to ensure that this chapter in our treasured Pac-10 tradition is a safe, positive experience for everyone there. Enjoy the game!


Norman Abrams
Acting Chancellor
University of California, Los Angeles
Robert J. Birgeneau
University of California, Berkeley