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Economist David Card wins labor economics honor

– David Card, a University of California, Berkeley, economist known for his work in labor and immigration, is a 2006 recipient of the prestigious Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Award in Labor Economics.

David Card
David Card

In announcing the award, the research institute based in Bonn, Germany, said that Card and co-winner economist Alan Krueger of Princeton University "have stimulated labor economics for many years with their original research approach, the practical relevance of their results, and their remarkable use of natural experiments to test commonly accepted models."

Card and Krueger, the institute said, have analyzed the impacts of education, training and human capital on earnings and found that the quality of one's schooling is a major influence on future earnings. The two wrote numerous papers and a book together while both were at Princeton from 1983-1997.

Card's work has focused on such topics as immigration, welfare reform, Medicaid, pensions, minimum wages, strikes and collective bargaining.

Currently, he is researching "neighborhood tipping," or how white residents tend to move out of neighborhoods when increasing numbers of minorities move in; the relationship between individual savings; and job loss and unemployment insurance in Austria. He also has analyzed Catholic and public schools in Ontario, Canada, where both are financed by the government.

The award was established in 2002 as essentially a lifetime achievement award, said Card. It will be presented during a ceremony in Berlin on Wednesday, Nov. 8, and includes a cash award of $64,000.