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UC Berkeley Press Release

Final enrollment data released today

– University of California, Berkeley, officials today (Tuesday, Dec. 19) released final enrollment figures for the fall 2006 semester. The data show that more than 23,800 undergraduates and 10,070 graduate students are currently enrolled.

In all, 33,933 students are enrolled this fall compared to 33,558 in fall 2005. Women continue to make up 54 percent of the undergraduate population while men continue to constitute 54 percent of the graduate population.

The percentage of underrepresented students - African American, American Indian and Chicano/Latino - in the undergraduate population remains 15 percent, the same as last fall. These students' representation in the graduate student population is 12.7 percent, comparable to fall 2005 numbers.

For more detailed data, see the fall 2006 enrollment charts posted online at https://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2006/12/19_enroll_table.shtml.

NOTE: Fall 2005 data from UC Berkeley has been adjusted. These corrected figures may not match figures posted in all categories in the final enrollment numbers and charts released by Media Relations for fall 2005. The campus Office of Admissions & Enrollment made these adjustments to ensure that its final enrollment data continue to mirror data from other key campus data sources.