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UC Berkeley Press Release

Campus resources for wildfire season

– Few summer camps are as germane to this volatile wildfire season as the University of California, Berkeley's Forestry Field Camp, where undergraduates have studied forestry from the ground up since 1917. The camp is located in Plumas County, where a major wildfire has burned 28,000 acres and remains only partially contained.

Through text and photographs, UC Berkeley NewsCenter reporter Cathy Cockrell recently documented life at the Forestry Field Camp. The new multimedia package includes a segment titled "Voices from Plumas County," featuring perspectives from U.S. Forest Service ecologist Jason Moghaddas and silviculturist Ryan Tompkins, who are UC Berkeley alumni; and Lorena Gorbet, a Native American activist who discusses the traditional Maidu tribal ways of using controlled fires to eliminate excess dry fuel and thus protect forests from catastrophic wildfires.

To view the package, visit: http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2007/09/06_forestry.shtml

Other wildfire experts on campus include:

Scott L. Stephens, associate professor of fire science in the Department of Science, Policy & Management at the College of Natural Resources and expert on interactions of wildland fire and ecosystems.
Office: (510) 642-7304
E-mail: stephens@nature.berkeley.edu
Media Relations contact: Sarah Yang, (510) 643-7741, scyang@berkeley.edu

Max Moritz, wildland fire specialist and co-director of the UC Center for Fire Research and Outreach, based at UC Berkeley's College of Natural Resources.
Office: (510) 642-7329
E-mail: mmoritz@nature.berkeley.edu
Media Relations contact: Sarah Yang, (510) 643-7741, scyang@berkeley.edu