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Judge sets Oct. 1 hearing on tree protesters

– An Alameda County Superior Court judge today (Wednesday, Sept. 12) set Oct. 1 for a full hearing on the University of California's legal efforts to compel protesters to come down from a grove of trees they have been occupying near UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium.

The university's attorney had gone before Judge Richard Keller to seek a temporary restraining order requiring the protesters to immediately come down and bring with them everything they have moved into the trees, including platforms, stoves and propane tanks.

Instead, the judge set Oct. 1 for a hearing on a preliminary injunction, during which he could hear arguments from both sides and review all the evidence. Keller told the attorney for the protesters, however, that he did not see how they would be able to establish a legal right to remain in the trees. At the same time, he told the university's attorney that the trees are on university property, and questioned why the campus does not halt the supply of food to the protesters and remove them from the trees.

UC counsel Michael Goldstein replied that the campus believed it would be unsafe — for both campus personnel and the protesters — to forcibly remove the tree-sitters.