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Experts available regarding presidential campaign

UC Berkeley experts available to speak on 2008 presidential campaign

University of California, Berkeley, experts from a variety of disciplines and perspectives are available to discuss issues and developments in the U.S. presidential race, especially as attention turns to the Feb. 5 California primary. A listing of key experts, along with background on their areas of expertise and research, is available on a new elections web page created by UC Berkeley Media Relations.

Professors featured on the new Web page are closely following the presidential contest and have agreed to make themselves available to national and major regional media outlets. The list of experts will be updated and expanded as the news cycle and issues dictate.

The experts' list is available. Reporters may also contact UC Berkeley Media Relations for information on additional experts not listed on the Web site.

UC Berkeley Media Relations offers experts lists on a variety of other hot topics in the news. Please click "Find an expert" at: