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UC Berkeley Press Release

Faculty, students available for presidential campaign interviews

UC Berkeley available to assist media with presidential primary coverage

As the California primary approaches, University of California, Berkeley, students, faculty and staff are available to provide news outlets with interviews and analysis of major campaign issues such as the economy and immigration. In addition, several election-related forums and other events will be held on campus during the campaign season.

On Super Tuesday (Feb. 5), photo opportunities will be available when students go to the polls on and off campus and when faculty and political science students gather that evening at a campus event to watch election returns.

Below is a list of several events and opportunities to assist with your election news coverage this week and in the weeks to come:

Student Interviews

UC Berkeley Media Relations can connect you with undergraduate students who are closely following the presidential campaigns and have an interest in speaking with reporters. Contact Janet Gilmore at (510) 642-5685 or jangilmore@berkeley.edu.

Student Polling Places

UC Berkeley students will be casting their ballots at polling places both on and off campus. These locations include Heller Lounge in the MLK Jr. Student Union building at 2475 Bancroft Way; the Alpha Chi Sigma (fraternity) living room at 2627 Virginia St.; the multi-use room at Westminster House (student residential community), 2315 College Ave.; the gallery in Newman Hall (Holy Spirit Parish), 2700 Dwight Way; Wilde House (campus cooperative housing), 2410 Warring St.; and the main lounge of the YWCA, 2600 Bancroft Way.

Faculty Election Experts

Political science experts as well as experts on various policy issues such as health care and education are available for interviews. Contact UC Berkeley Media Relations or consult Media Relations' special Presidential Campaign '08 Web site Expert Directory, which provides photos and faculty contact information: http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/extras/election/pres08.shtml.

Election Night Event

On election night, (Tuesday, Feb. 5), the campus's Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) will host an election returns watch and panel discussion. Students and faculty from UC Berkeley and elsewhere will gather at 109 Moses Hall (IGS library) starting at 5 p.m. to watch televised election coverage. The experts' panel discussion will start at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Ethan Rarick at the institute at (510) 642-5158 or erarick@berkeley.edu.

Campaign-Related Forums and Events

The Institute of Governmental Studies, in partnership with numerous professional schools and other units on campus, will hold a number of panel discussions on complex policy issues that the next president will face. The lectures begin this month and continue through the campaign season. For details go to: http://igs.berkeley.edu/events/president2008/index.html.

You may also contact Ethan Rarick at the institute at (510) 642-5158 or erarick@berkeley.edu.