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Chancellor to legislators: UC Berkeley and city are separate entities

– Chancellor Birgeneau has written to 52 elected officials in Washington, D.C., to clear up an incorrect notion that the UC Berkeley campus has any connection to actions taken by the Berkeley City Council.

The letter was in response to a measure introduced in Congress that mistakenly links the campus with the city council's actions against U.S. Marine recruiting in downtown Berkeley.

In his letter the chancellor makes the following points:

  • The campus is a completely separate entity from the city of Berkeley.
  • UC Berkeley has long-standing ROTC programs, dating back to 1870.
  • Military recruiters from all branches of the service are welcome on campus and frequently participate in career events at UC Berkeley.
  • The campus, and the UC system, make special efforts to assist active members of the military, their dependents, and veterans who attend the university, including granting financial aid and other preferences.
In conclusion, the chancellor states that he believes the initial action by the city council was "ill advised, intemperate, and hurtful, particularly to the young men and women and their families who are sacrificing so much for our country."

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