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Shooting emergencies: UC police are trained to respond; learn what you should do

– In the wake of the campus tragedies at Virginia Tech last year and last week at Northern Illinois University, universities across the country have reassessed and are stepping up their preparedness to respond to a campus shooting or other critical emergency. At UC Berkeley, the UC Police Department is trained for such emergencies, and offers online tips for the campus community on how to respond if a shooting should occur.

The UCPD website offers clear and detailed directions on what to do if you hear shots fired, whether you are inside or outside a building, classroom, or office. While there is no reason to expect that such an incident would occur on the Berkeley campus, it is wise to read the UCPD emergency instructions and post them for other students, faculty, and staff.

For many years UCPD has ensured that its officers are trained to respond to an active shooting incident, and that training was reinforced again this year. But, campus police say, every member of the community should be aware of what to do and be prepared to take action in the event of such an emergency.

First and foremost, if you see an armed individual on campus at any time, immediately contact the police via 911 (or at (510) 642-3333 via cell phone).

Finally, pay attention to the campus's Alert Warning Siren, which is tested at noon on the first Wednesday of each month. If you hear it at any other time, check immediately for details:

  • on the campus home page (www.berkeley.edu)
  • by calling (800) 705-9998, or
  • by tuning in to KALX 90.7FM.

You can always find this contact information inside the front cover of campus phone books.