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Resources for trying times

| 05 August 2009

To learn about a wealth of campus programs, visit the Budget Central calendar of resources and its page on Resources for faculty & staff or look directly to the units below for the help you need.

CARE Services
For information on taking care of yourself and your employees, explore the resources offered by CARE Services for faculty and staff.

Transition Services
Human Resources' Transition Services unit offers a host of services for employees who have been laid off. Offerings include job-placement services within and outside of the university, a job-hunters' club, and classes on résumé writing, interviewing, career management, and marketing yourself in today's employment environment. For information, see the Human Resources transitions website, e-mail transitions@berkeley.edu, or call 642-4621.

Staff Ombuds Office
Coaching in communication and handling conflict, mediation services, and help in developing options to resolve conflicts are all available through this office. 

"With the system furloughs, corresponding salary cuts, and talk of layoffs, there is increased fear and insecurity," says Sara Thacker, acting director and ombudsperson. "As a result, conflict might be forced underground. Staff may not feel comfortable addressing conflicts or problems in the workplace for fear of calling attention to themselves or placing themselves at risk."

Thacker's office provides a safe setting where people can speak confidentially about their concerns and develop options to resolve or manage workplace conflicts, disputes, or problems. Learn more online and call 642-7823 to schedule an appointment.

HR Support for Managers
Human Resources offers several courses in managing staff through transitions. New workshops will be offered for campus managers in September.

Berkeley's Center for Organizational Workforce Effectiveness (COrWE) offers support to units working on planning, priority setting, and work redesign. To explore options for assistance, e-mail COrWE@berkeley.edu or call 642-3836.

UCB Learning Center
Workshops and online courses on myriad topics related to the changing workplace are available through the UCB Learning Center, accessed via Blu. Select the "Self-Service" menu and look at Organizational Effectiveness, Work Process Analysis, and Supervision, Management, and Leadership. (CARE's Craig Mielcarski has written several articles about managing during transitions that can be accessed through the Organizational Effectiveness category.)

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