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Video: UC Berkeley students take on global poverty

14 October 2009

Meet the students who have helped make UC Berkeley's "Global Poverty & Practice" program the fastest-growing minor on campus. Chosen by about 300 students from a wide range of disciplines, the program teaches students about the problem of poverty and sends them into the field to carry out their own projects to alleviate poverty somewhere in the world. Enrollment in the program's introductory course has shot up from 200 students, when it was introduced in 2007, to a capacity enrollment of 724 this semester. Offered by the Blum Center for Developing Economies, the Global Poverty & Practice minor now has students doing service projects in more than 30 countries. (5:48 min. video produced by Roxanne Makasdjian, Media Relations)

This video is broadcast by UCTV, as part of the series "State of Minds." To watch it online or get the "State of Minds" broadcast schedule, go to the UCTV website.


•  NewsCenter article (March 2009): "Fighting global poverty is fastest-growing minor" audio slideshow video

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