Joint Press Statement from the University of California and Marcy L. Wang

by Jesus Mena

The University of California and former Assistant Professor Marcy L. Wang announced today a settlement of Ms. Wang's lawsuit alleging sex and race discrimination against the University of California. The amount of the settlement was $1 million, which includes attorneys' fees.

This amount represents one of the largest out of court settlements by the University of California for a case of alleged race or sex discrimination. Of the settlement amount, $250,000 will be paid from UC funds and the remaining $750,000 will be paid by UC's outside insurance.

Ms. Wang alleged that the University of California at Berkeley denied her tenure and wrongfully terminated her. The lawsuit had been pending for three years, and for seven years prior to that, Ms. Wang had been appealing her denial of tenure through the internal grievance system within the University of California at Berkeley. Ms. Wang stated that she "feels vindicated and hopes this case will help deter any future abuses and prejudices that she feels occurred in this case."

Vice Chancellor and Provost Carol T. Christ said, "I have great respect for Ms. Wang, but the University believes that neither race nor sex was a factor in her being denied tenure." After joining the faculty in 1979, Ms. Wang was denied tenure initially in 1986 and again in 1988. Ms. Wang is now in private practice and will not return to UC Berkeley under this settlement.

The University of California and Ms. Wang both agree that this was a long and expensive legal process. Both sides agree that they are pleased that the lawsuit is finally resolved and that the matter did not have to go to a trial, which was set for June of 1996.

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