UC Berkeley chancellor affirms continued support for Ethnic Studies

By Public Affairs

BERKELEY-- After discussions about the issues surrounding Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, understandings were reached late Friday, May 7, by all parties that UC Berkeley will continue its strong support of the Ethnic Studies Department.

The written agreement closely follows the positions offered by Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl to the Ethnic Studies Department last weekend. The understanding emphasized the campus's continued commitment to support the department. Protesting students agreed to end their strike once the understanding was reached.

"As I have said, this administration, and I personally, are committed to maintaining a strong and vibrant Ethnic Studies Department now and for years to come," said Berdahl. "We have been working to make sure that university support for this department is understood by the entire campus community. I am pleased to say that today this support is clearly understood by all."


For full text of the agreement, click here.

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