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Stories for Oct. 13, 1999

A Painter Reinvents Herself

Campus May Face Staff Shortages in Next Decade

University Revisits Controversial California Loyalty Oath

ABC's Peter Jennings Shares His Views on the State of TV News

Living Wage Legislation is Affordable, Study Suggests

Research Shows Satisfaction Among Ph.D. Holders

Australian Wasp May Be Eucalyptus Tree's Savior

Cal Law Students Gain Legal Victory for Teenager Denied Education

Breaking Barriers: Cutting-Edge Composer Combines Genres to Create New Music

Dialogue on Asian Pacific Concerns

Hot New Immune Therapy from UC

Photo: How Many Electricians Does It...?

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Photo of the Week: Berdahls Honor Retirees

Photo: Chancellor and Mrs. Berdahl honored retiring faculty and staff

Chancellor and Mrs. Berdahl honored retiring faculty and staff at a reception Oct. 4, at University House. Pictured are the chancellor and Alice Olivier and her husband, Barry. Alice Olivier retired from the Lawrence Hall of Science's Great Explorations in Math and Sciences program. The reception revived a long-standing University House tradition. Peg Skorpinski photo.

Top Story: A Painter Reinvents Herself
Art Professor Katherine Sherwood's Stroke Forced Her to Learn to Paint Left-handed

A stroke partially paralyzed Katherine Sherwood, threatening the artist-professor's profession and passion. But after teaching herself to paint left-handed, she's producing award-winning work.

"It's been since the stroke that the floodgates have opened," colleague and friend Wendy Sussman of the Art Practice Department said about Sherwood's work since 1997. (continues)


October 13 - 19, 1999 (Volume 28, Number 10)
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