Welcome new transfer students!

Illustration by Karl Millett
  • “Listen to your inner voice, trust it, and keep an open mind. Pay attention to where you are placing your energies. Do not compare yourself to others, for you are the only one with your experiences and background and the ability to direct your path.”
  • “Berkeley gave me the confidence to push my own limits. It gave me the opportunities to be my best self...I'm much more than I thought I ever could be four years ago.”
  • “Dive in the deep end, try your hardest, allow yourself to really care about something. Berkeley is special because students here really care about things.
  • “It’s really exciting to study here, and I feel I have a lot more freedom both within my studies and outside of my field that I ever thought I would.”
  • “As an international student, I’ve always wanted to develop myself in a multicultural environment. Cal’s inclusive body has showed me that great things can be accomplished when diverse minds come together at the world’s best public university!”
  • “Significant relationships are more important than academic success. Don’t forget to make memories with your friends – they make life more meaningful.”
  • “I’ve grown into a true scholar since coming to Berkeley. It has allowed my academic strengths to blossom, and my future is determined. I know, as a Golden Bear, there’s no way to fail.”
  • “Even if you think you know exactly what you’re doing, approach everything with an open mind and open heart. Be ready to end up loving something completely unexpected.”
  • “The man who has nothing to prove, proves everything already...Be here for you – that’s how you make the greatest impact for the world.”
  • “People who do the best in college are the students who go in the first day of class and establish a mentor/mentee relationship with the professors. Remember, professors are people, and they are a resource for you to utilize.”
  • “Keep an open mind and listen hard, because if you do you will find new worlds and new ways of thinking that you never knew existed. You cannot find them with a fixed mindset.”