10 April 2002 |

Anthony Fisher
Anthony Fisher, professor and chair of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Policy, has been elected president of the Association of Environmental Resource Economists.

He will serve as president-elect for the current year, and as president during 2003 and 2004.

Raymond Lifchez
Architecture Professor Raymond Lifchez has received an ACSA Distinguished Professor Award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, the organizationís highest individual honor.

The award recognizes up to six faculty members nationwide for their sustained creative achievement in the advancement of architectural education through teaching, design, scholarship, research or service.

The award will be presented at the associationís annual meeting, which takes place in New Orleans April 11-14.

David Raulet
The Cancer Research Institute has awarded its 2002 William B. Coley Award to David Raulet, chair and professor of molecular and cell biology. The award is for distinguished research and teaching in basic and tumor immunology.

Rauletís work on NK cell receptors and ligands ďhas defined a key recognition event that leads to the development of lymphocyte effector functions against tumors,Ē according to Lloyd Old, director of the instituteís scientific advisory council.

The Coley Award carries a stipend of $5,000 and a medallion, which Raulet will receive at an award dinner in New York on May 15.

Christos Papadimitriou
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Christos Papadimitriou, won the Donald E. Knuth prize for outstanding contributions to the foundations of computer science.


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