Web policies

Overview of the Office of Public Affairs' editorial role

UC Berkeley's gateway site (the main campus website), which is managed by the Office of Public Affairs, serves multiple purposes. As the gateway site to the millions of files which are online here at Berkeley, it helps users find the information they are seeking as quickly as possible, provides timely information, and showcases the excellence of the University.

All requests for links from the home page and other gateway pages will be taken under advisement by Public Affairs and carefully considered. Public Affairs reserves the sole right to decide to post requested links, and to decide the most appropriate placement of links within the gateway site.

This website has been built so that it is accessible to those who are without sight and use screen readers.

Additional information about the history and accessibility of the gateway site, including screenshots of earlier iterations, is online.

For campus units interested in harmonizing the look and feel of their websites with the main UC Berkeley site, a set of web page design templates has been created to make this as easy as possible.

Policies governing links to websites

Links on the home and second-level pages

The links and information included on the campus home page and on the site's second-level pages are designed to provide a broad overview of the university and to help users quickly find the spectrum of information online here at UC Berkeley. These pages do not and cannot provide a complete set of links to all of the millions of files online here. They target sites proven to be of widespread interest or that serve a critical mission.

Web registry: The A-Z list of campus websites

Our A-Z web registry of campus websites provides a comprehensive index of major websites here. The A to Z listings provide an alphabetized and cross-referenced list of the most significant campus websites. Home pages for all campus units, departments and programs registered in the campus web registry are included in the A to Z listings. In general, subpages of those websites will not be linked from the A to Z list. For example, although the Library home page is linked, the Library Development office is not. In addition, a search of the main website provides results in which registered sites are given prominence.

Add a site to the A-Z web registry.

Publicizing news, events, & initiatives

Criteria for headlines and calendar listings

Links to events or stories from the home page and other gateway pages must be of broad, general interest, with audiences ranging from the campus community to the general public. Public Affairs also publishes the UC Berkeley NewsCenter and the Critic's Choice of upcoming campus events. The office receives myriad worthwhile requests from across campus and weighs every request with care before making editorial determinations. Requests that fall outside normal standards and procedures cannot be accommodated.

Suggest a headline or story to be featured in the UC Berkeley NewsCenter or on the campus home page.

Submit a listing to the online calendar of events. Events must take place on campus and/or be sponsored by a campus organization.

Policies governing electronic communication and reporting misuse

Websites at UC Berkeley are governed by the University of California Electronic Communications Policy as well as UC Berkeley's Online Activities Policy.

Report misuse of campus electronic communication resources to abuse@berkeley.edu. For abuse from off-campus, see: Responding to Inappropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources.

For more information, see Campus Information Technology Policies.