Gateway site accessibility & history

Accessibility of the gateway website

Because serving the public is an integral part of UC Berkeley's mission, we've endeavored to make the site accessible to as many people as possible. This site has been extensively tested and complies with Section 508 requirements so that a person without sight using a screen reader can readily navigate and use the site. Additionally, the site is designed to function properly across various computer and browser configurations.

Gateway site history and credits

The gateway site is managed and maintained by the Web team in UC Berkeley's Office of Public Affairs. The team — led by Jeffery Kahn and which has included Melani King, Sara Leavitt, Steve McConnell, Cathy Cockrell, and Bonnie Powell — developed the current site, launched June 14, 2008. This story describes the site and scope of the redesign project.

The previous version of the site, as seen in these screenshots, debuted April 2000. Andrew Baldock, Brad Falconer, Paula Murphy, and Linda Currie developed that site, as detailed in this Berkeleyan story.

Circa 1997-2000, the version of the site seen in these screenshots, was created by web developer Dave McFarland, designer Lynn Millwood, and web designer Jason Chan. This iteration of the site, with minor modifications, came online some time late in 1996.

The earliest version of the site (1995-1996) looked like this, with the graphic treatment attributed to Linda Currie.