Research at UC Berkeley: Comprehensive guide to research on campus.

Research programs and units (A-Z)

Faculty expertise database

Libraries: "The Library" at UC Berkeley includes Doe Library, Moffitt Library, the Bancroft Library, plus 24 subject-specialty libraries and 13 additional "affiliated libraries." The University Library system holds more than nine million book volumes, 90,000 current serial publications, and 6,400 videos.

Museums and collections: UC Berkeley's eight museums and its many collections support research and teaching in disciplines including anthropology, architecture, art history, art practice, botany, engineering, entomology, film history, geology, history, linguistics, paleontology, physics, and zoology.

Research publications

SETI@home: Astronomy research using internet-connected personal computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Members of the public can participate by running a free software program that downloads and analyzes radio-telescope data.

Undergraduate Research Office: List of all undergraduate research programs on campus.