• “We are thrilled to welcome you to Berkeley. You are some of the most capable, energetic, and engaged people on the planet. I hope your time at Berkeley will be as important, productive, and transformational as it has been for the many generations of Cal students who have come before you.”
  • “Berkeley is a place that rewards enthusiasm and persistence. Bring your goals and ideas here, and join with the rest of us in making them happen.”
  • “Come develop your mind for a better world at UC Berkeley.”
  • “Cal is the most important institution of higher education in the country because we gather the finest from the broadest range of economic backgrounds to create opportunities second to none. One of my greatest thrills came when my daughter called to tell me she had just received the thick envelope from Cal that you have in your hand right now. Go bears!”
  • “Just know that you belong here. People on campus, like myself, are rooting for you.”
  • “It’s ok if you don’t know what or who you want to be yet—Berkeley is the opportunity to make that discovery.”
  • “A warm welcome to Cal! I’m sure that what you do and experience here will shape your brain in interesting ways.”
“When I began my career at Berkeley, now decades ago, I fell in love with this place.”
Carol Christ, Chancellor


Peace Corps volunteers

UC Berkeley enlists its 3,000th Peace Corps volunteer, more than any other university.

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